The Phoenix Commotion

by vikkikidd1991

Tonight I decided as I was “trapped” in my house due to the resent bad weather ( thunder-snow anyone?) i would search through the Internet and see what I happened to find and luckily I came across something really interesting, it was a video on a man called Dan Phillips, he builds homes from recycled materials…. the whole house!

I’ll give you a little background information on Dan Phillips for those who have never heard of him or his work.  He is a designer and builder from Huntsville, Texas and in 1998 he and his wife decided to start a construction company called The Phoenix Commotion that would build affordable houses of out reclaimed and recycled materials . Their main mission was to divert waste from ending up in landfill and to create affordable and sustainable housing for single mothers, artists and low income families – I think this is a very commendable thing to do. The Phoenix Commotion keeps labour cost low by reclaiming human potential by using a apprentice program to teach sustainable building skills for volunteers and interns. The houses are energy-efficient, cheap and satisfying to build, they believe that any material used in enough multiples creates a beautiful pattern. Many of the  Phoenix Commotion homes are covered and decorated with salvaged materials. Homes are built with their eventual owner in mind, who contributes sweat and time to build a home to their own artistic style.
Bud House

This is the Budweiser house, its made with the style of a Budweiser bottle but leads me to wonder who the occupier was to decide to build his house like an alcoholic drink… All of the materials of this house were donated or found making it extremely sustainable.

I also really like this story book house, it just looks really quaint and sweet…
Have a look at there website, it’s really interesting