>Romanesque and Gothic Architecture

by vikkikidd1991

>While on exchange in Dallas, Texas I will be studying history of furniture and architecture, so far I have had two classes which I have to say are so far are really difficult but interesting. So far we have looked at the furniture and architect styles of Gothic,Romanesque,Early Christian,Greek, Egyptian and Italian Renaissance, all of which I find interesting however my favourite two so far is the Gothic Era and the Romanesque Era.

I have been to see both types of architecture while I was travelling last year, one of which is in Pisa. Of course this is a well known architectural site due to the leaning tower of Pisa which foundations didn’t sit properly causing it to “lean” over. Also at this site is the baptistery and Cathedral which due to there large scale are amazing to see. These three buildings are built in the Romanesque style, this style was to be practical but also atheistically pleasing. They used stone to build there castles and churches, each stone was cut with precision and arches were used heavily throughout the buildings. Due to the weight of the stone they had to use buttress to stop the buildings collapsing, usually these were hidden in the roofs to avoid taking away from the aesthetics of the place.

Leaning tower of Pisa,Cathedral,Baptistery

Romanesque style lead onto Gothic style and although they used some practices from this era they adapted and changed them slightly. Gothic style had 3 different characteristic which set it apart from Romanesque – pointed arches, ribbed vault and flying buttresses. These changes allowed the churches to be much larger and brighter. The flying buttresses allowed for large stain glass windows which let in a lot of light. The Chartres Cathedral in France is a great example of Gothic architecture.

Chartres Catherdral

Stain glass windows in Cathedral

So far I’m really enjoying learning about the different styles of furniture and architecture, they put so much detail into every piece of the buildings its a shame this type of architecture has slowly died out due to modern techniques and the want to have everything instantly instead of waiting years to build an amazing building.