>When is graffiti art?

by vikkikidd1991

>I recently got asked in the street if I felt graffiti was art or vandalism, at the time I wasn’t sure what to say as I hadn’t had time to think about it but it got me thinking, when does graffiti go from being vandalism to being art? I’m going to take a look at the world of graffiti art and justify just how graffiti actually can be visually grabbing and artistic.

Graffiti has always had negative connatations as it is usually assosiated with down beat estates where groups of people are “tagging” street walls for no other reason that to show that they were there and to mark their “territory” however graffiti has come a long way from that and today can actually be seen as a profession. I believe that these people are actually skilled artists, it takes skill and technique to do a drawing on such a large scale with spray paints and make it accurate.

Many of their work is clever, bold and insightful and make powerful statements towards something that is usually in the current media. One of the most famous graffiti artist is banksy a famous anonymous British artist whose work mainly focused on topics such as politics, culture and ethics. Little is know of banksy but he is one of the most recongnisble graffiti artist and his work is credited all around the world, here is one of his pieces below…


After researching through graffiti artists work I have grown a huge admiration for these artists they make a statement and are not scared to show it, often many do work on already disused buildings and are actually making the place more interesting instead of disused.

Here are some of my favourite graffiti art pieces :

I feel there is a clear difference between graffiti on the street and graffiti artists who have been paid to do there work for a particular event unlike the “tagging” that is often seen scrolled across our buildings but when it’s not paid for but still a really good representation or artistic piece is this socially acceptable or not? Leave you views in the comment box.