by vikkikidd1991

I recently came across a product designed by Freyja Sewell a recent University graduate called the Hush Pod. Its designed for a place to hide, relax and to escape everyday stressful life. Its a warm cocoon which is completely biodegradable, made from local felt which is not only Eco friendly but helps local businesses. It is hand sewn and can be used almost anywhere as well as transforming into a setting area to comfortably read a book or just lie and relax.

In a world where we are increasingly watched by CCTV, using social networking and generally switched on to an device which will let us communicate with the world around us it’s sometimes nice ( also healthy) to get a bit of clearance from it all and take a step back. This hush pod offers a great place to switch off from the world and the stresses that it’s brings
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It’s good to see local products going to use since felt is generally seen as a coarser material so not widely used and it’s also sustainable which is another good factor. The wool used inside the pillows is also environmentally friendly as it’s naturally a fire retardant, breathable, durable and elastic, it’s also a multi climate material meaning that it stays cool in the summer and retains heat in the winter.

I love this idea of being able to sneak away for a while and enjoy just relaxing away from everything, since I’m going into my 3rd year at University I think this would come in very handy when all the projects go into overload!