Visiting Edinburgh Galleries….

by vikkikidd1991

Yesterday I took a trip to Edinburgh to visit some of the local galleries and generally walk about, at the moment I’m staying in Peebles with family so visiting Edinburgh is fairly easy and we are hoping to take in some shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival if we can. Yesterday however I went with a friend from University to catch up after being away in America for so long. After walking about for a bit taking in the sights of the Festival we went to the Fruitmarket Gallery which had an interesting exhibition on by Ingrid Calame.

The exhibition presents paintings and drawings of markings from the concrete banks on the L.A River and locations in Buffalo including ArcelorMittal Steel Shipping Building, the Perry Street Projects wading pool and the Albright-Know Art Gallery car park. Her process involves Calame tracing marks on the ground outside, then combining and layering them into a composition. She then retraces excerpts from each trace and composes a final piece.

She uses coloured pencil or pure pigment to complete these intricate drawings which although is a simple idea it gives a really striking and effective final outcome.

We also visited the City Art Centre where an exhibition for David Mach was currently running, at first his work didn’t really appeal to me as it seemed to be heavily influenced by religion and politics however throughout the exhibition the work began to grow on me with the clever use of “cut outs” to create scenes for collages.

Both these exhibitions are worth a look at if your in the Edinburgh area, it shows that even with relatively simple techniques you can create some really interesting and powerful pieces of art.