Merchant City

by vikkikidd1991

On Thursday we visited Glasgow for a day trip to have a look round merchant city and to have a look at shops for our advertising and branding module. When we arrived we initially went for a Starbucks coffee then began our search for the shops we were most interested in viewing, the first being apple :

The Apple Store
The apple store is different from the other shops I have seen mainly because it is extremely modern and everything is white and clean. What I have noticed is they all look the same on the inside, the swirling glass staircase and the white tables which have there items neatly displayed for everyone to have a look at and try out however the outside of the building varies between location however the inside is always familiar to the customer. There staff wear casual clothing often similar to what many of the buyers would wear and as they look more comfortable and familiar then seem more approachable to ask questions to. The layout is very simple and allows for easy access throughout the store even when the store is busy which makes it more appealing to go into as usually people would avoid shops which seems to be overcrowded.
The next store we visited was John Lewis:
John Lewis
As John Lewis is a department store it is extremely large and often very confusing to find your way about, I felt that there direction boards were often confusing or not very clear and it was difficult to make out the sections from far across the store however the store was very neat with the layout of products. The staff wore suits which I’m sure was to give the perception of a more high end store however they just looked uncomfortable and slightly unapproachable as they aren’t really relatable to many people who would shop in the store. While they did try to keep the shops looking the same with white and pine tables and clothing racks it all seemed a bit jumbled and unclear as to where one shop ended and the other started. It’s not a shop I would visit often as I always feel it’s a bit too much with all the floors and endless clothes.
And the last store we visited was All Saints:
All Saints
The first thing that struck me about all saints was the price…kidding it was there window displays which I have always been a fan of, they are very striking and cause you to stop and take a look intriguing you into there store however when you get inside it is very rustic and dark which I feel doesn’t highlight the clothes in the best way. I didn’t feel like browsing too much as the lighting and the music slightly put me off the place which I think many of my fellow peers felt the same way. They also have all the clothing “tied” up so that you have to ask a store worker for help which there is many floating about however I think this takes away the joy of just picking things up to have a look at or try on as you have to keep pestering the shop assistant which would I think inturn prevent them from getting more sales than they would if they didn’t have there clothes tied down. The staff where however really friendly and dressed causally similar to how many of us would dress so this made them familiar and approachable.
We then took a trip to Merchant City but had a hard time finding the borders of it. While we walked around noticing that there was some really nice restaurants and bars there was also not so nice areas where the rubbish was sitting openly on the street and it looked a bit run down. We didn’t find many of the standing sign post for merchant city the only reason we knew we were in it was the fact the street names had it writing in small text below the street sign. I thought it would be more obvious we were in Merchant City however to me it wasn’t very clear. I did like that they had plaques which told you a little bit about the history of the area however these were also hard to find and see as they were often above eye level and many people would pass them unaware they were even there.

It was a good day out to experience how different shops tackle their branding and advertising and how they reflect that in there stores and window displays.